Hi, I'm Marcus Parsons

and I'm a problem solver/software engineer

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Marcus Parsons

What I do

Problem Solving

One of my superpowers is the ability to find patterns where others might not see them, especially when it comes to digital mediums. I can see where automation can occur, especially given my experience with automating manual workflows. I have nightmares of seeing way too many Excel spreadsheets and the number 160819 (there's a story behind that one).

Mobile App Development

I have several mobile apps under my belt, with one on the Play and App store right now for the company I work for. The others are used internally for various processes!

Front End Development

I create and design interfaces for my company, as well as helping others to achieve the design they're striving to achieve. JavaScript and I are like 🤞

Backend Development

I also work on server side routing, modeling, and maintaining the flow of data between client machines and our database. I work consistently with C# on a day to day basis in our .NET stack of data driven websites.

Database Management

I manage all forms of data using SQL Server and SSMS (and Azure Data Studio gets an honorable mention) that are used to communicate data from a multitude of databases to various web servers that serve up data in several forms, which range from client facing interfaces to data-driven, self-written APIs.

My Work

Who I am

A Software Engineer from West Virginia, USA

I am from a small town, really more like a village, in West Virginia called Flat Top. Growing up in Flat Top, where houses are widespread, there weren't any kids my age to go out and play with. This lead me to spend quite a bit of my time on the internet, where I developed a love and appreciation for coding.

When I was in middle school, I started programming various projects using a program called Game Maker from games to a clock in/out system for my class using Game Maker (yes, I was that kid). At that time, Game Maker was a perfect program for me as I could learn about coding while dragging and dropping "command blocks" as I needed to.

Now, I work as the lead software engineer for a great marketing company! I love what I do, and I do what I love. The ancient proverb, "Choose a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life" absolutely holds true.

Show and Tell

Let me show you what I do and tell you about some of my projects

Hamlin Mobile App
This mobile app was developed for Hamlin and Associates clientelle to be able to view where their customers are in their buying cycle and other specific information from Hamlin and Associates campaigns. The initial scan screen also doubles as a barcode reader that can read QR, Data Matrix, and Code 39 (VIN) barcodes. Created with PhoneGap/Cordova.
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