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Help Meh!

Sketch Meh has support for both Undo and Redo. Use the keyboard combination of Ctrl + Z, at the same time, for an undo action to undo the last drawing you did. A single drawing counts as pressing the mouse down on the sketching area for any amount of time and then letting it go when finished (or having your mouse leave the sketching area). If you accidentally got rid of something important by undoing it, you can do a redo action by pressing Ctrl + Y. You can undo and redo as many times as you need to.

Pressing the Clear Sketch button not only clears the sketch area of all drawings, but it also clears all undo and redo history.

You can use Save Sketch to save your sketch as an image, or you can simply right click on the sketching area and select "Save image as" at any time to also save your sketch as an image. The image file format is always ".png".

Use the Toggle Add Color button to show or hide the custom color panel, which uses the RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) color model. Drag the sliders for red, green, and blue to make any custom color you wish. When you're finished, click Add Color and the color will be added to the end of the color swatch below the sketching area, and it will be automatically selected for you. You can tell when a color is selected, because it will have a white border around it, with the exception of the color white which will have a black border. If you'd like to learn how to make colors using RGB, check out this link. If you'd like to learn more about the science behind the RGB color model, check out this link.

You can choose what tool you'd like to use with the sketching area by clicking on the box that says Pen. Any shape will have either "Outline" or "Fill" beside of it. "Outline" is used to create a shape with the color you've chosen as an outline; the rest of the shape will not be filled in. "Fill" is used to create a shape that is filled with the color you've chosen.

To the right of the tool picker is what size your chosen tool will be. Each selection has a number and a pixel value beside it i.e. 1 (12px). The 1 is the thinnest line and 20 is the thickest line. The pixel value beside each number represents the font size that the text will be if you choose either "Text (Outline)" or "Text (Fill)".

Thanks for using my program, and I hope you enjoy it! ^_^